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marble benchtops adelaide

Stone Benchtops Adelaide

Natural stone benchtops and surfaces add style and class to any area. Alta Moda Marble & Granite create beautiful crafted surfaces from both granite and marble, and custom make all of our pieces to suit your requirements, and we source our Marble, Granite and Quartzite slabs from a range of local suppliers.

  • Granite Benchtops

    Granite is the most popular of the natural stones, and a hard stone that provides both the strength and style of natural stones. The durability of granite means it is difficult to damage the surface with scratches, chips or cracks, and allows you to cut on the surface directly, and place hot items like pots and pans without damaging the surface. The treatment of a sealer to granite surfaces will also help resist stains on the surface.

    Alta Moda can supply granite in a wide range of colours and patterns to ensure you have the perfect piece of stone for your application.

    granite benchtops adelaide
  • Marble Benchtops

    Marble is often associated with luxury and often seen in high end homes where elegance is a feature. Marble is most commonly available in black and white colours, and the “veining” of the marble is often a desired feature of the stone. Like granite, marble is a strong stone and resistant to damage, however can be easier to stain than granite due to it being the more porous of the two stones.

    Marble Benchtops Adelaide
  • Quartzite Benchtops

    Quartzite is a naturally occurring stone that is rich with Quartz. Like Granite & Marble, Quartzite is a strong stone and resistant to damage, and can be supplied in a range of colours and patterns.

  • Other Applications

    Whilst many people may associate Granite and Marble being used in kitchen or bathroom benchtops, it can also be used as wall cladding or tiling to add an element of luxury to areas. Alta Moda can provide a full bathroom cut to size in granite, marble and quartzite, which can be laid by any tiler.

    Granite & Marble Wall Cladding Adelaide

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Natural Stone Marble, Quartzite or Granite Benchtops.